Excerpt from A Pirate's Life for Three...

"Stand still, James." When he opened his mouth to protest, she kicked him in the shin and began to unbuckle his weapons belt. She laid it on the desk, then hooked her fingers into the waistband of his pants, and jerked him toward her. "Do you want to fuck me again, James?"

"You know I do," he murmured.

"If you want to fuck me, James, it has to be by my rules."

He cast a glance toward the back of Blackwell's head. "I don't know if I can do that."

She dragged her finger down the front of his shirt, skimming over hard muscles, a tight nipple, and when she reached his abdomen, he sucked in a breath. "I'll be disappointed if you don't, James."

Blackwell twisted his face toward them and she pointed a finger at him. "Turn around. Be a good hostage." Her gaze skimmed the length of him, happy to see his cock thickening, lengthening, and standing at attention. "I'll get to you in a minute."

Kit ran her palm over James's crotch. Another equally hard and swollen cock waited for her.

"Hmm, feels nice," she said. "I want to keep fucking you, James, but I want to fuck him too."

"You already have," James growled.

"Aye, you're right." She ran a finger over her lips. "But it wasn't enough. You know how I am."

James grabbed her waist and yanked her against him. His mouth covered hers in a kiss that devoured her lips and scoured the inside of her mouth. His cock beat against her, throbbing and bobbing, searching for an entrance. When he pulled away, he dropped small kisses on her forehead.

"I'll take you any way I can get you, Kit," James said. "Maybe I can watch."

"Maybe we can all learn to share," Kit said.

"Share?" Blackwell twisted around again. "Who said anything about sharing?"

"I did," she said. "And since I'm the captain, you'll do what I say. You're a hostage, remember? James, get undressed while I take care of Mr. Blackwell."

She sauntered across the cabin, her hips swaying, allowing the wrap to dip off her shoulder. She opened the drawer to a small chest and ran her hand through the collection of silk scarves.

"What's your favorite color, Blackwell?"

"I'm not sure I want to play your little game."

"Pick a color, or you won't be." She glanced over her shoulder and pursed her lips. "And you'll be very sorry."

Blackwell sighed. "Blue."

"Blue it is." She pulled out four scarves and went to stand in front of him. She leaned down and gave him a leisurely kiss, her tongue caressing his, her lips nibbling at the corner of his mouth. When his hand came up to cup her breast, she moaned softly and leaned toward him. He pinched her nipple through the satin of the wrap, and she looped one of her scarves around the arm of the chair and over his wrist, tying a quick knot.

He lurched backward. "Oh, no."

"Oh, aye." She grabbed his other arm, slammed his wrist to the chair, and wrapped a scarf around it. "Now, relax. You'll like this." She lowered herself to her knees and tied each ankle to the bottom of the chair. "James, what's your favorite color?"

His hands tensed on the arms of the chair. "I'm not sure I want to play this game either. I'm really not comfortable with?"

"Damn it, James. Just pick a goddamn color!"

"Okay, Kit. Gold. Always gold."

Blackwell glanced over his shoulder. "There's the difference between us, my friend. I chose blue, the color of her eyes. You're a selfish bastard and chose the color of coin."

James grunted. "Her hair's gold, you dumb bastard."

Blackwell's brows drew down and spots of color appeared on his cheekbones. "Oh, right."

Kit chucked James under the chin and gave him a little kiss. After she tied him to his chair, she stood back to admire her handiwork. "I've never seen such beautiful hostages. Now, to take my pleasure. Who shall be first?" She stood at their sides and ran a hand down each of their chests, over the ridges of hard muscle, hot skin, and down to the warm, pounding cocks that lurched toward her hands. She wrapped a hand around the base of each and gave a tug. The movement caused each man to groan, and when she skimmed their balls with the palms of her hands, their heads fell back and smacked against each other's. Both men grumbled.

Kit laughed. "We're getting along fabulously." She moved around to stand in front of James and dropped her wrap. "I think I should suck you first, James. I've known you longer."

She knelt between his legs and put her hands on his thighs, widening them as she dipped her face into the nest of damp curls. She inhaled and nuzzled against his skin, then licked the length of his cock from balls to head. Running her tongue along the ridge, she wrapped one hand around him and pumped slowly, then took the head between her lips, sucking gently. James arched his hips upward, his cock sliding a few inches into her mouth.

She pulled away and shook her head. "No, no. Hostages can't move. Now you'll have to wait."

James groaned as she ruffled his hair and left him to stand in front of Blackwell. Sweat dotted his brow, and his cock jerked toward her the moment she dropped between his legs. She ran her hands up his calves, squeezing lightly, and over his knees until she reached his thighs.

"Do you like your cock sucked, Blackwell?"

"Aye, Captain."

"Can you sit very still?"

He winked at her. "You've no idea."