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Keep your eye out for my new novel, a menage called A Pirate's Life for Three, coming out Sept. 14. You can pre-order the ebook here. I just love this cover.

A Pirate's Life for Three

Loving Two Highlanders is out.

Loving Two Highlanders

I enjoyed writing a contempory short menage story in a collection called Tasty Treats, which just came out. I hope you enjoy reading both.

Tasty Treats

I hope you enjoy all my erotic novels.


Welcome to Amber's world—a chance to enter another time, another place, to meet sassy women and dashing men and see what happens when the characters collide.

Amber's worlds are sometimes familiar, sometimes shadowed with darkness, and always filled with passion.

If you yearn to experience love, adventure, danger, betrayal, lust, hope and the joy of finding your soul mate without ever leaving your chair, you've come to the right place. Read about two secretive strangers learning to trust in an isolated lighthouse, a battle of wills between two prideful lovers living life on their own terms, or two demon hunters forced to battle their hungers while confronting a beast. Their stories are different, but ultimately each is a celebration of love.

So sit back, relax, read some excerpts and view the book trailer below. You just might find something to satisfy that craving for a romantic interlude or sexy adventure. Choose your lovers and be ready to fan the fires and watch the sparks fly. True love is rarely easy, but practically irresistible when mixed with the sensual power of desire. The struggle becomes nearly impossible to win. But watching the struggle is half the fun.

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